I founded WellFuture in 2010 as my son turned six months old. As an expectant mother I became concerned about vaccinating my son and wanted an option to support him during vaccinations. I looked to the research to see if there was something I could do nutritionally to support his health during this vulnerable time. VacciShield is designed for infants and kids to help support healthy brain, immune, gastrointestinal and detoxification function during vaccination. It is a blend of non-dairy infant-friendly probiotics, vitamins, minerals and an amino acid and it’s designed to use daily in the two weeks surrounding immunizations. I created our second product, WellBelly, to provide quality non-dairy probiotics that target the key areas of immune and digestive health without the hard to digest D lactic acid that other probiotics produce. A targeted blend of probiotics that supports immune and digestive health as well as development. With gut flora so critical to overall health and development creating WellBelly was important. Our products contain ONLY the ingredients listed on the bottle, there are no hidden ingredients in VacciShield or WellBelly. We are proud to source the finest quality non-GMO nutrients in the most bio-available forms. Our products are made in the USA with no fillers, binders, artificial preservatives, flavorings, colorings or ingredients, and are dairy and gluten free. We want only the best for our children from our infant friendly probiotics to our BPA-free bottles and we are proud to be able to share with families everywhere.*

At WellFuture we envision a healthier future through healthier beginnings and it is our mission to address the unique challenges and needs that face our children today. Giving back to those who need it most is one of our primary goals here at WellFuture and through our partnership with Vitamin Angels we make a matching 1-for-1 nutrient grant to a child in need. We take great pride in our products and thank you for joining us in our mission for a WellFuture!


Best of health,

Catherine Clinton ND
Owner and Founder


More About Dr Catherine Clinton:

Catherine Clinton ND, is a graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon. She is a board licensed naturopathic doctor currently practicing at her private clinic in Eugene, Oregon. Dr. Clinton is a speaker on integrative medicine and gut health and has authored several publications in those areas. She is founder of WellFuture, a line of nutritional supplements for infants and children that uses organic, whole food ingredients and the greenest, bioavailable nutrients.

When in medical school Catherine was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that effects the gastrointestinal tract, leaving her with a special interest in autoimmune diseases and gastrointestinal conditions. Accessing how the multiple systems of the body are working together is a vital piece of Dr. Clinton’s practice. With a practice focused on gastrointestinal and immune health Dr. Clinton utilizes the latest in functional medicine combined with nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle interventions to treat a variety of digestive complaints, autoimmune diseases and pediatric conditions.

With the birth of her own children Dr. Clinton became passionate about the prevention of these chronic diseases and conditions by addressing the immune systems and gastrointestinal health of our children. Catherine is deeply committed to the optimal health of babies, children and families everywhere and loves to interact with her readers through her blog and social media. Follow Dr Clinton at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dr.catherineclintonnd/

Twitter: @DrCatherineND