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The Nurse Mommy & Friends: I had the opportunity to review this fantastic product that I guarantee made a HUGE difference for our family when my daughter had her most recent round of vaccinations. Let me just say this: this time was the FIRST time, in her entire TWO YEARS of life that she didn't end up under the weather, with a fever, sick or even generally cranky from her vaccinations.

Crickets Daily Fix: This product works, makes my kiddo happier during a not so awesome time and he’s able to get the benefits of vaccines while also getting a great immune booster. I recommend it to anyone who chooses to vaccinate but feels uneasy about vaccines in general. 

A Bit of Everything: I know that every time I had shots done for each of the five children, they each would get sick and stay sick for a while after the vaccinations. I'm thankful for someone taking into consideration to come up with the one thing that should had been thought of long ago. Finally, I can put my head back on straight.

Five Lil Bass in Tow: It is nice to know that our little one can get the extra boost she needs right before her 1 year shots. She just had her 6 month shots not long ago and didn't get full on sick that time. It was nice to have her bounce back quickly.

My Life: A Work in Progress: I’m happy just knowing that VacciShield provided nutritional support to boost his immune system.

Martinis or Diaper-Genies? Awesome product that I give to G before his vaccines to make reactions less severe. Packed with vitamins, totally natural and just a powder that looks like cocaine. It’s not. You sprinkle it in their food and magic health fairies arrive. Check them out. I highly recommend.

Best of Mothering! We are excited to be awarded this seal for Natural Health Care!

Bamboo Magazine: The majority of our immune system is in our GI tract so it makes sense to get the right nutritional support before and after vaccinations. For vaccinating families, VacciShield provides.

Mothering Magazine: Vaccines and Nutrition. One mama's research fueled her understanding of the link between nutrition and vaccine outcomes. Voted Best in Natural Healthcare Products 2011

Green Child Magazine: VacciShield is a revolutionary product created by Catherine Clinton, a naturopath and mom to a little one.

Mom's Advise: Featured in back to school must haves of page 6 of Fall 2011 issue: VacciShield is a completely new nutritional support for infants and kids during vaccinations.

Green Kids Guide: With both of my kids’next scheduled vaccinations on the horizon, I was excited to show this product to my family’s N.D. for a 2nd opinion.

Family Focus: Want to find something to help support your little ones during immunizations? Then Vaccishield was made for you!

My Secret Home: My little guy is 2 years old now and we are done with shots until he’s about 4. I heard all kinds of suggestions on how to lessen the vaccine side-effects.

Married To A Geek: If you are concerned about the safety of vaccines and the effect they may have on your child, you will be happy to know there are people out there working hard...

Life in the Lost World: Frankly, I’m still on the fence about vaccines for our healthy baby girl, but when and if we decide to vaccinate, I’ve found a product that I believe will be of immense benefit to us.

Mumwrites: As responsible parents we always want to give what is best for our children: the best education, the best care, the best medicine + medical care.

Simple Homemade: Consider a balanced approach to research by reading both Dr. Sears’ The Vaccine Book and Aviva Jill Romm’s Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parents’ Guide. If you do choose vaccinations for your family, consider a wellness regime to boost health around the time of vaccinations (such as Vaccishield from WellFuture)