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“Our son had his DTaP yesterday. No reactions to the vaccine so far. I'm thinking of taking the VacciShield as well or with him for overall health. I like that it's not flavoured or sweetened so I can just give it to babe without feeling like he is getting a bunch of stuff he doesn't need. We will be using this again and probably throughout babe’s life. Thank you WellFuture for creating such a wonderful product! – Nico in Oregon

·“Great product. I'm so glad to have this backup!! Thank you!” - Francis in Oregon

"WellBelly is a life saver for our baby boy. I was put on HEAVY antibiotics due to a C-section trauma. The antibiotics passed through to my newborn and completely wrecked his digestive track and gut flora. We went 3 miserable weeks trying to help him. After being on wellbelly probiotics for only 3 days he made a huge turn around. He became my happy baby again. GREAT PRODUCT!!" -Stephen

"Oh my gosh, THIS IS THE STUFF!!!! The baby probiotics made my baby a different child overnight. She went from screaming like a what I imagine a bee getting its wings slowly pulled off sounds like to sounding like a normal baby crying from the moment we started her on them. If you're pregnant, expect this in your baby shower gift from me!" -Wendy in California

"I am concerned about vaccines for my baby and want to do everything to maximize her safely and well-being. She did well and was not very fussy after the vaccinations. I am currently giving her VacciShield in preparation for her next round of vaccines next week, including the flu vaccine. I'm very happy this product is available! Thank you!" – Shannon in New York

“Can’t stop raving about Vaccishield! So incredible!·It really helped, thank you!” Teresa in Oregon

“I have 2 children under 3 years old. My husband and I always got anxiety before taking our babies to get their vaccinations. They used to get extra tired, lethargic, or even feverish afterwards. With VacciSheild, they bounce right back to their regular selves! They are happier, healthier, and their little bodies are less traumatized with this product! Wonderful product for the little ones!” Memosa in Oregon

"After being given Vaccishield as directed, my infant grandson received the 2 month recommended vaccines. My daughter reports that he had NO adverse reactions whatsoever. No irritibility, or fussiness, no sleeplessness, no loss of appetite or nursing difficulty, no soreness at site (arnica gel was applied right after the shot). Even though the baby is on a delayed vaccination schedule, there was plenty of anxiety surrounding the vaccination decision. Thank you for a wonderful product, we are happy to recommend it to all parents who struggle with the vaccination decision. I think everyone should know about Vaccishield!!" Wini in New York

“I had a fear of adverse effects of vaccinations that doctors might not be able to detect. For a mother it is worth being cautious. I was happy with the results. My baby seemed pretty moody after his first set of immunizations and I hadn't given him anything to boost his resistance. With every subsequent visit for immunizations I've used your product as directed and he's done really well with his vaccinations, no complaints here. My two other children also seemed fussy after vaccines. This is the first time I've seen any of the kids appear to be perfectly happy and healthy following vaccinations. That's enough to make me want to keep it up. It can only help!” Emily in Montana

“I am concerned about the side effects of vaccines and I wanted something to help protect my little one. We just finished a round of vaccines (12 months) and your product seemed to help. There were absolutely no side effects! My baby also loved the taste of her new ‘medicine’. She always wanted more! I love your product! It makes me feel a bit better about giving the vaccines.” Melissa in Tennessesse

“I'm so thankful that someone came up with VacciShield and I love being able to support my daughter's health with this product. The vaccishield.com website has a lot of information and research that lets me know that this is a company that knows their stuff and that VacciShield is a product that I can trust. I also really like that it was created by a doctor who is also a mom and that the company has a great mission. With all the information out there about vaccines, it really does give me peace of mind to have a product like VacciShield to help to ensure my daughter's health. I HIGHLY recommend this product to any parent facing vaxs for their little. P.S I also noticed that the company that makes VacciShield has teamed up with Vitamin Angels to bring lifesaving vitamins to mamas and children in need around the world. Just another reason I love these folks...” Sarah in Oregon

“Our baby was so great at his 6 month shots and after! And his belly trouble seems to have cleared up so that makes me happy too!” Betsy in Oregon

“We used VacciShield for our two year old's last three shots. We're happy to have an all-in-one product like this for her. Thanks for making this product, we love it!” Brenden in Oregon

“I had Oliver on vaccishield ten days before the vaccine and four after. It's been two weeks and there are no ill effects I can see so far. It's a 4 shot cycle so we'll be headed back again in six weeks. I'll defintiely be using Vaccishield again!” Susan in Washington

"We have used VacciShield at every vaccination our daughter has had and we think it is just awesome! Thank you for your product, my wife and I love it" Jeff in Oregon

“I’m thankful to Dr. Clinton for investing countless hours of her time researching and creating this product. Knowing my kids will have this extra support makes me feel a lot more comfortable about the choice to vaccinate my kids.” Erin in Washington

“My little loves it right off the spoon! I have to hide it from her.·Thanks for making this product! We won’t vaccinate without it!” Sarah in Oregon

“I am just writing to let you know that I recommended your product to my cousin who is a mother, and she bought and loved your product! Her daughter Ellie just finished her last round of vaccines and is doing great, and her mommy is so happy.” Betsy in New Jersey

"I have always sought alternative remedies for vaccines. My youngest son, now 10 months, used the VacciShield just once for a DTaP shot, and everything went fine, but expected nothing less." Amy in Massachusetts