WellFuture Mamas

WellFuture Mama Ambassadors are a group of highly motivated, engaged moms who are interested in furthering the positive social impact of WellFuture through nutritional education, community events, and online interaction. WellFuture Mamas are involved in their communities, active on social media, and have a passion for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Our WellFuture Mamas are dedicated to supporting new parents make informed,
healthy decisions for their families. WellFuture is committed to helping these mamas do more of what they love in an effort to help all parents create a healthier future for their children through healthier beginnings.

Meet the WellFuture Mamas!



I am a semi-crunchy, homesteading mama of 6 month old twins. I am an advocate of gut health through fermented foods & drink. I believe the WellFuture products have played a key role in the positive development of my preemie babies overall health and I look forward to sharing my experiences with, and learning from other parents.


wellfuture mamas

 I am a proud mama of four beautiful children. Whole food nutrition, gut health and a green lifestyle are important to us. I'm also a doula and birth advocate who is passionate about giving babies the best start for a lifetime of health. I've seen firsthand how gut health impacts babies and children, in my own family and in the ones I've served. I'm fascinated by current research being done on the role early gut health plays later in life and am excited to share my passion with families,


 I'm a single mama of identical toddler twin boys. I have been interested in boosting my diet for years. Being diagnosed with celiac disease and learning of the damage it had done to my gut and overall health made me start researching nutrition. I have a background and degree in veterinary medicine and I also recently completed my degree in computer science with a desire to move into medical data mining. I first found out about Well Future because my boys had dairy allergies and I was interested in helping their gut health since we weren't able to exclusively breastfeed. The more I read, the more I loved the products. I encourage all open exchange of information and I believe that the first thing we should ask all parents is "how can I help?


I am a mom of four awesome kids, one who is on the autism spectrum. Research on gut health and how it relates to autism is something that I follow closely and I'm very excited about where it is going. I am also a holistic health coach and specialize in helping families and children make healthier choices. Natural health and wellness is my passion and as a mom, I find the information out there to be confusing and scary at times. I feel honored to be part of a company that truly cares about children and is passionate about helping them be their best by providing a truly beneficial and high-quality product that I feel safe and excited about giving my own kids.


I'm a busy mom to 5 little beauties ages 10 and under. I've been on a journey to a healthier and more natural lifestyle since a battle with postpartum depression after kiddo #2 was born. For me, maintaining my kids health and my own sanity is all about finding balance. I love the WellFuture products because they allow me to boost my kids immune systems when we don't always have time to eat perfectly or when we are coming up on required immunizations. Time is so precious when our kids our little, and it's nice to have a product that helps me worry less and embrace mothering more.


Hi my name is Sandra. I'm a 27 year old stay at home mom and a mother of 3 boys ages 7,3 and 1. My husband and I strongly live by the belief that our food is Medicine. In the search for something to help my son who would become very ill post vaccination, I found these WellFuture products and they have been in my house ever since.

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