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Our new and improved WellBelly is a unique blend of nine different non-dairy probiotics that target intestinal, digestive and immune health in infants and children, although adults love it too! We are proud to offer the first organic, whole food based probiotic blend that contains no solvent derived probiotic carriers. While probiotic carriers accompany probiotics in very small amounts, we believe every bit counts when it comes to our children. We wanted an organic, whole food option that avoided a daily exposure to a chemically derived carrier. Our probiotics are grown on a hypoallergenic yeast to avoid common food allergens. Our probiotics do not produce the D form of lactic acid that can irritate digestive tracts, especially in young ones, and are wonderful for diets that avoid histamine and SIBO issues. 

WellBelly probiotics also do not contain any isolated prebiotics as these can irritate sensitive digestive systems as well. The organic banana and organic apple powder that acts as the probiotic carrier in WellBelly has small amounts of naturally occurring prebiotics in their whole food form. Each bottle of WellBelly contains 60 servings of 9 billion CFUs each.

Dysbiosis is an imbalance of beneficial and potentially harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. This has many causes like an imbalance in digestive flora at birth or by a diet high in processed and refined foods as well as lack of beneficial microorganisms in the diet. WellBelly can help restore the digestive balance within the body. With digestive health being the cornerstone of overall health in your child, WellBelly is an easy way to help support the health and vitality of your little one.

Made in the USA with no fillers, binders, artificial preservatives, flavorings, colorings or ingredients, WellBelly is dairy and gluten free. Our manufacturing facility is GMP certified and FDA regulated to ensure the highest quality supplement. We wanted only the best for our children from our infant friendly probiotics to our BPA-free bottles. We created Wellbelly for our children and are proud to share with families everywhere.*


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